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Academic Objective of the DDIEJ 

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  Among the main and Academic Objectives of the Department of Development, Research and Studies legal de ROAB we try to provide the student group with the procedural tools in the different areas of the right contained in the standards higher than education to which it refers, presenting a proposal academic functional, exemplary and hand in hand with Active Law professionals in the Panamanian Justice System Model and signed in the area of International Law.

  So same understood in the area academic which with the new mode of manner Virtual ensuring that the student body does not have the need to frequent the exterior of su comfort y So same power to provide it with a stage peaceful but with a lot of information academic which goes hand in hand with the teaching upper and providing methodology practice of learning without submerging with a lot of doctrine but fusing it with the characteristics of higher education, where da inclusion to the Lawyers So same to Law students in general and of course without leaving apart to all those civilians who are interested in any area particular of general law.

   The true budget of the DDIEJ is the volume of its participants which day a day suggest the different areas academic which we take very closely, which is why we have created a participatory community in which the  is combinedinclusion of the student body having this voice and vote for the creation of our working methods So to be able to maintain the vision targets the parameters  of teaching but even more understanding the new model of society which goes hand in hand with the evolution tan quickly which we cannot put aside the different considerations of the youth So as the student body in general, therefore this community is made up of people of all ages, So as e different careers professionals and students who maintain a series of benefits academics and professionals which includes from integration direct to our calendar of activities como also discounts and one hundred percent benefits of comprehensive scholarships in our distintas categories of higher education in Law in General.

  We invite to everyone who is interested in being part of this associated guild and who can meet further de la integration functional of our working groups.




The Intensive Course Different Phases of the Panamanian Accusatory Criminal System, taught by the specialist in the Accusatory Criminal System Magister Ricardo Royo, We present this two-month virtual event that was developed for 2 hours per class, designed for the comfort of the learning  of the student, which has been developed in a schedule of 10 classes, where the participant is given  characteristics real experience at the hands of personal professionals and active in the Panamanian Justice System in Criminal Matters, is a Course of category very specialized superior practical, where se meet by the consumer the different ones dynamic prospects y methodology 

jurisdiction in criminal matters for the event of las Different Phases of the Penal System, in that order of ideas, such as the Phase de Investigation, The Intermediate Phase, The Oral Trial and the Compliance Phase among other procedural activities and jurisdictional, our dynamic  of work includes doctrinal development and  jurisdictional in the specific criminal procedural matter, where by filing of material didactic, community with our advisors academics y with the teaching model that prevails in the DDIEJ (Department of Development Investigation y Studies Legal) using a Mock framework legal which make the student participate directly in which they will develop Multidisciplinary experiences in the different phases above mentioned.

This compendium in mp3 audio format allows the consumer to take said class completely and in the comfort of their home or office, it being understood that this modality allows direct immediacy and the possibility of contagion of COVID 19 to be avoided.

In response to this demand on the part of the consumer, we have organized a package that includes:

  • The 10 audios of the classes in mp3 format directed via WhatsApp with una duration for a two-hour class

  • The basic models touched on in the class of the different phases So as the different ones summaries de audiences 

  • So as different models of special requests in the area penal and requests before the Guarantee and Compliance Judge.

  • Communication direct with the Legal Advisors of the DDIEJ for clarifications and correspondence legal procedural.

  • Books: The Panamanian Accusatory Penal Systemby Magister Ricardo Antonio Royo 

  • Books: The Complaint and the Complainantof Magister Ricardo Antonio Royo

Which provides the participant with the fundamental tools for the development ofthe Hearings of the different Phases of the SPAand once the intensive course has been completed, you must contact one of our work staff to carry out a small evidentiary development of 17 fundamental questions of the course taught, with the purpose of verifying that you took said Intensive course y So to be able to aspire to the digital diploma included with the digital credits and with the Seminary.

Learn more and ask us 445-8978 and ask for the Licda. Dania Montero 6852-8649

Do not miss this opportunity academic.


Keep in mind that this area Academica is a department in setting inside the Signature de Abogados ROYO ABOGADOS, and therefore it is a department that tries to equip  all your community of resources and elementary studies in el area of the different branches of Law in general.


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