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Marriage is not the Mortgage for your happiness

Definitively Experience is the best teacher, with her not only learn to visualize things but ultimately understand what they do not want to happen in your life if definitivosa nortes as you do not want to experience again. This is where my discussion is tied to experience, understanding that marriage should not be taken lightly, it should be respected because by respecting it we respect our own   decision , the choice must be meticulous and determined because the future of anyone will largely depend on this   relationship . This love is what I speak of in this work, considering that there are no bad marriages, there are bad choices of life partners, understanding our demands is also taking care of the future of a relationship in communion. This has not only been my experience but my daily life as a trial lawyer, I have had to develop many divorces and there you find out how difficult a relationship is   toxic which has nothing to do with money but with contaminated people who have already been corrupted and who without realizing it you fall into their clutches.

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