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Our procedural perspective is to be able to resolve those uncertainties of our select portfolio of consumers, which depend on our highest standard on the defense to follow or on the advice and recommendation in their process and / or case, thus being able to achieve the closest to their expectations. , reducing the margin of error as much as possible. These and many other circumstances determine the way Royo Abogados works, which has been a company that since its foundation maintains the highest legal lineages and visionary perspectives on litigation in Panama, being here its headquarters and its experiences as procedural legal consultants and as judicial representatives.




To be able to carry out with the highest work standards, those demands that the consumer of our services expects, understanding that the professional process in our country and internationally do not always go hand in hand in the formality and the procedure but looking for tranquility and confidence of our demanding consumer who, when deciding for us how their patrons chose based on our expertise and professionalism, for which we owe that dedicated professional action.




The legal professional is that professional solution that the consumer looks for in his worst moment, where without knowing what the best options would be, he looks to the lawyer for a functional and objective alternative to his need. At Royo Abogados we are constantly searching to meet that personal need.

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