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Family Law Proceedings

Alimony Pensions

Our Family rule allows with the Alimony Law to be able to request a sustainable economic conditioning for the family of the wife or husband to be able to safeguard the benefits that correspond to the children within or outside the marital and conjugal relationship. Our work team handling this particular category as a base specialty is why with more than twenty years in the defense and demand of the benefits that the minors and the wife depend on in their particular condition, we are pawns of that right that corresponds to families in their special condition.



pensiones alimenticias royo abogados

Many of our clients in principle maintain a lot of common ignorance, for example; Does the pension only benefit until the age of majority? Is the pension kept if I lose my job? Can the pension be modified if the children are now in higher levels of education so the demands are greater? Can I manage to demand the respective pension deposits with a more efficient mechanism than that of deposits? and many of these conventional questions that, because they are civil, ignore and largely disconcerting the beneficiary.

Visiting rules for minors

For a long time, this topic of visitation regulations has been a problem for those couples who no longer maintain a physical coexistence for many reasons, however the Law allows a series of prerogatives and benefits for those who do not maintain a permanent coexistence with their children. had in the relationship which is entitled Visiting Rules or Visiting Regulations, which consists of a claim which is filed in the different Courts for Children and Adolescents which consists of a series of formalities which does require that it be filed through of representative titular lawyer who will take the load of the procedural steps and the fulfillment of the procedural formalities like the hearing and the project of visit also as well as the tests in the propitious moment. As a forensic firm and knowledgeable about this type of process, we take the sponsored person by the hand and thus he maintains a permanent monitoring of the process and the formalities completed in search of a stable and communicative way of visiting with his children as well as the fulfillment of his right as a legitimate parent.


We must not lose sight of the fact that on many occasions this type of issue occurs in the courts when there is no stable and positive communication between former partners, so there is a form of conciliation and thus not have the obligation to bring the issue directly to the body. jurisdiction and being able to avoid exposing minors to the state of knowledge of the court and society, even though they are matters of the private process of the parties, the fact of exposing them to this process is already somewhat uncomfortable. That is the activity of the trial lawyer, of administratively managing said process.

Withdrawal and Protection Measures

In Panama, the levels of Domestic Violence Processes have increased to a great extent precisely because of the increase, call it the population or because of the lack of conflict resolution mechanisms between couples, that is where this chapter of our services takes us, we have a vast experience in investigative processes and alternative procedures of preventive measures for those victims of intrafamily domestic violence, where the law allows us to safeguard those people who are victims of this nature with our representation we take the sponsor by the hand to be able to maintain emotional tranquility and physical, since the legislation allows alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for this type of family injury.


Many people still maintain the wrong criterion that the law can do nothing to resolve their relationship conflict, however we are in favor of solving the best tools in order to avoid losses in the couple or in the emotional relationship with legal mechanisms according to the need of the consumer of our services.

violencia domestica panamá royo abogados

Custody and Parenting

Guardianship and upbringing in Panama is an alternative mechanism to adoption in which a person acquires custody or guardianship of a minor or a disabled person following a series of legal legal procedures and a procedural formality in the different dependencies for childhood and adolescence. Therefore, it requires an exclusive legal representation in which the legal representative is the one who has the legal capacity to manage and act as a plaintiff in this family category.

There are many common reasons for Custody and Upbringing, be it for raising a relative for considerations of better origin or for guarding the growth and education of the same, however it is the legal professional who has the legal capacity to manage this type of disciplines for which in Royo Abogados we have this professional condition in order to collaborate with the sponsored in the management of their custody and better future of the minor or disabled person.

guarda y crianza royo abogados


Our legal body specifically in the Family Code of the Republic of Panama contains the requirements and formalities that must be met for adoptions, so the direct participation of a team of psychologists and social workers together with the lawyer who represents in this case They will go hand in hand for the adoption process, which is an alternative for those families who choose this particular circumstance.

We note that this condition is exclusive of legal legal representation, which makes formality with the lawyer since he is the ideal technician to carry out that management that seeks the growth of the family and at the same time help an infant who does not support a family to be able to enjoy of said emotional and family advantage.

Our work team, even though it recognizes that it is a somewhat extensive process, carries out permanent monitoring with the consumer so that none of the procedures completed and the formalities achieved are lost sight of.

Divorces and Liquidation of Patrimonial Assets

Many people experience the inconvenience of divorce, the incompatibility of the counterparts who, as they well know their weaknesses, seek to benefit from those personal conditions to limit the release of assets that by right corresponds to both, however, at Royo Abogados our internal policy is to safeguard all possible patrimony of the sponsored and even more closely guarding the well-being of his life and avoiding deteriorating the living conditions which by custom and by law correspond to him in those divorces that have a conflict ahead.

We must not lose sight of the fact that there is also a Divorce in mutual agreement which, both parties are in agreement to dissolve the marital relationship, however this circumstance changes, it is accompanied by a formality required by the jurisdictional Body for which we try to keep viable also said alternative as long as it is the one that most benefits the sponsored.

A very common mistake when they arrive at our offices from the perspective of the sponsored ones is to choose mutual agreement as an alternative, since they seek to avoid waiting time or administrative complications, however, in our experience, mutual agreement is not always convenient every time. that there are unofficial estimates that must be taken into account for said condition as an option; like alimony. The sponsored person in a lot of form allows himself to be vitiated by the emotional moment and does not see the benefits that by law correspond to him from perspective, for this reason we do a patrimonial evaluation so that we can present him as an alternative the best options and power together, with the technical knowledge to be victorious in the processes of separation of assets and in the regulation of visits and assets, so before, in our interview with the sponsored we seek to know all those details in order to counter route and solution more in accordance with their expected expectation.

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