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Hello, I am Yelena G. and I had a situation with my ex-partner where he harassed me and even threatened to evict me from the residence, we met the Royo Abogados law firm and we entrusted my family and I with our situation, the truth that in principle I was somewhat exceptive about having to hire lawyers for my complication, with all the bad references that occur in the streets, the discomfort that other people have already suffered and above all the myths that all lawyers are bad. At the end of the day, I verified that with the legal representation of this work team I not only recover a lot my personal safety but that of my family, my children who experienced a lot of discomfort within the marriage relationship, I also recover my financial security whenever my ex My partner threatened to reduce or eliminate my wife's financing but I found some professionals who not only remain hermetic in the representative formality but who adhere to understanding how a person suffers with the exposure of private and personal issues to legal knowledge, I consider that All of us who are going through this type of situation before making a personal decision expose it to professionals in the field and thus be able to have a much more technical and professional evaluation. I am very grateful not only for the professional services but for how the firm Royo Abogados helped stabilize and balance my personal life and that of my children.

Greetings, I am Francisco A. and I am a merchant and humble worker, the point is that the irony of the world led me to know the firm of Royo Abogados due to a situation I had with an ex-partner and alimony, I am not sorry to say it but then Knowing that I could expose my case on the firm's website, I didn't want to wait. The point is that I have always been responsible with my children, they are my children and I will never stop being responsible but there are women who only seek their own benefit and personal gain over the well-being of their children and consult with a friend and me recommended the Royo Abogados law firm, when I got to the appointment they changed it because apparently it is a firm with a dedicated team and the lawyer that I had to interview had to attend a last-minute hearing, the question that was extended to A few hours later, when I returned I was somewhat intimidated because after leaving he gave me space to reconsider if I was really willing to fight with my ex-spouse or if I was only available for a procedural legal consultation. The truth is that I was already determined to know what my options were and some of my alternatives in law, the lawyer who interviewed me surprised me a lot, because I was expecting someone with excessive language at my level or perhaps that it would cost me a little to understand it but you know , it was not so. After being able to present my topic and listen to the initiatives and recommendations of the legal professional, he is extremely surprised by my options such as controlling the pension in a balanced way, how to establish parameters for responsible visits because I always thought that the pension was like a ticket to see my son on weekends but I did not believe that there were mechanisms to keep my ex's compliance as an obligation to be able to establish visitation rules, everything was organized for me and for my personal life and after three months I was already enjoying a balanced pension and my son interspersed on weekends. The truth is that very few people consider the option of hiring a legal representative first because of the economic costs, secondly because of the lack of time and we only consider that alternative when we are already so immersed in the problem that we basically want the lawyer to do magic, however What surprised me about the consultants was the sincere way of exposing advantages and disadvantages, the truth that I never believed that there was a work team available with that commitment and that way of working with professional services.

Hello, I am Matilde Beatriz C. and I was an assistant nurse in a private clinic in the town, I worked for almost five years with a certified doctor and the truth is that the need is limited to being able to demand standard benefits in accordance with national legislation, however at the time of At the termination of my contract, the boss wanted to take advantage of my rights and I already considered that it was time to defend myself in some way, and that is how I met the lawyers of Royo Abogados, who in the interview were very documentary about my procedural alternatives in matters of Labor law and after presenting my case, they gave me some of the recommendations and explained to me that it is not necessary to engage in a battle via a civil lawsuit if an out-of-court agreement could be reached that would favor all parties and we tried that way and that was where I solved my labor problem and today I am satisfied with the cost price and with the way they treated my particular case, nunc I will cease to be grateful for all that the graduates of this law firm were available to.

Hello, I'm Rosa I. Good, my experience with Royo Abogados was so casual and at the same time necessary, I had already consulted three different lawyers and they had detailed me that in law there was nothing that could benefit me directly or indirectly, I have two children with me Former partner and we live in the property that was in his name, however, after differences that affected my emotional state, I considered the best thing to move to my parents' house and I was there for more than seven months, the point is that at some point I decided to consider consulting With professionals in the field and knowing what my alternatives would be, the question that I was disappointed in not having options, I do not know but a co-worker told me about his experience with lawyers in a pension and everything he told me about his experience was so significant that he could not stop visiting the offices of Royo Abogados. I presented my case and listened to the alternatives, that the truth in principle sounded like a dream, I could not believe how three different legal professionals had already described to me that there were no possibilities in my personal matter and this lawyer was talking to me about really tangible alternatives, because I did my math and consult with my pillow and decided to undertake the experience, gentlemen in two weeks I was in the residence that my two children enjoyed so much and we got a pension according to my real needs and my children, everything that the professionals of the firm They kept in mind to tell me that even though I would have resolved never to return with my ex-spouse, my children did not have to experience that circumstance of impairment and limitation. here I am at home and I am happy with my family casting for a phenomenal future in a fair and legal way.

Hi, I'm Guadalupe R. and my experience with the forensic firm Royo Abogados was a matter of improving everything in my life, from my self-esteem to the sustainability of my personal life as a family. I was already married when it all began, I remember that my ex-partner did not want to acknowledge that I was already married and wanted to harass me and harass me wherever he could, and the truth was that I did not want my husband to be stained in his personal tranquility, the The point was that I resorted to my conventional alternatives and went to a magistrate and came out somewhat disappointed because I did not see the options that were exposed to me sustainable, apart from the fact that I was lost, I would not even know where to start, I would not even know how to start, consult with some friends And they recommended to me when I got in touch with Mr. Royo, I explained that I did not want them to see me entering the law office out of shame and shame that they knew that I was facing legal considerations, the point is that we met in a local restaurant and I explained my considerations and after listening to me the lawyer gave me a series of alternatives that the truth for me was considerable, the question is that he explained to me co that in order not to start a legal battle we will try in principle with a special protection measure and that gentlemen was the solution to my problem with my ex-spouse. Until today the sun has not entered my life again and I am happy, calm and emotionally stable.


Hello, I am Gisella H. I am a university student and my mother could barely pay for my studies, I am seventeen years old and the truth infuriated me to see how she had to be available to pay for my studies alone and without the support of my father who was a retiree from a private company that paid very well, the point is that on my own initiative I consulted and found out with my media about legal advice and that is how on the internet I found the legal representatives of Royo Abogados, coincidentally, their offices were always in front of my nose for that in front of the university where I study they are based, the point is that I got the value of the consultation and when I introduced myself, the reception was so kind that I did not want to leave there, I felt like they had all the answers to my concerns and all the solutions to my problems and especially because I am a law student in the national, the point is that after presenting my case very subtly, they exposed me to my alternatives, all Considerable and functional for me, then, what I most wanted was to help my mother with the university payment for my studies, the question was that in two months my legitimate father was paying under obligation of the municipal court the alimony that by right I was up to twenty-five years old and I was not even aware of that possibility but they were so didactic in Royo Abogados that everything was solved in a balanced way to my common understanding I will always be grateful to the lawyers who interviewed me in the legal consultation.

Hello, I am Arévalo M. and the question was that because of getting together with people who lived badly, I was subjected to a circumstance where my freedom was limited, they opened a process against my financial assets which is, in common words, theft, the question was that in my life I never I had not even been driven in a police car, however this was my story that is due to being in the wrong place and time, the point was that after three months in detention they recommended me to the Royo Abogados law firm and that was when They visited me in the penitentiary that I understood that I needed a lawyer, and the legal ones that are free by the state were still being processed and no one had even reviewed my file, the thing was that the firm's consultants evaluated my case and maintained a Bonus of a case for that month free for the evaluation and thank God I got the benefit of the bonus, after evaluating my case they gave me copies of my file and they cost me no more than a thousand five hundred dollars in modest payments and fees and I got my freedom for a change of precautionary measure in less than two additional months but I am convinced that if I had not contacted the firm of Abogados Royo Abogados today I would not be reincorporated to my university, my studies and my Family, the truth is that I never believed how cheap it would be to have lawyers of a category like those who represented me, at present I am awaiting my trial but I am confident that with my team of legal representatives and God, everything will turn out excellent.

Hello, I am Rolando B. Certainly, to some extent, this may be heard at first as something shameful, but in my house about six months ago we had been victims of theft by someone outside the property, the question was that they were multiple resources and they were valuable for our family, I did not even know where to start, I did not even know what to do and we contacted a family friend who went through something similar and when I heard him I was excited to contact his attorney, the thing was that he was willing to at least start with the consultation because I wanted to a great extent perhaps not to recover what was lost I already knew that a long time had passed but no longer be a victim of this outrage, after contacting and interviewing the lawyers of the forensic firm I am excited to hear alternatives sustainable and possible, so I decided to do what I had to do and start the process, they recommended me in principle a criminal complaint against those who were responsible for the h Indeed, the truth is that the fact of persecuting those who did not know their identities did not make much sense to me, however a precedent was created where our neighborhood was the victim of multiple altercations of owners of other people's things, the question was that after I had motivated myself in presenting the process for days another family was the victim of the same inopportune and a few weeks later they arrested him. I want to point out that having sought legal professionals to initiate the process by means of a criminal complaint was not perhaps what I managed to recover the lost assets but I did create a precedent that left our neighborhood in tranquility and today we already have a year After all that and we can leave things in the yard and everything is where it should be the next morning. Perhaps in the past I would have been reluctant to hire lawyers for something like this but you know today I can say with great confidence; "It was the best thing I could have decided to do"

Hi, I'm Hixy D. Well, I can tell you, when I looked for the graduates of the Royo office and associates I realized that I had to have everything in mind precisely because it was only one hour of consultation and when presenting my case it should be the most direct. The point is that I was three months pregnant and well, my ex-partner did not want to help me take responsibility for appointments or medications during the management period of my baby, because when taking my case to the law office they gave me alternatives sustainable and positive to be able to go through this pregnancy situation alone, they directly recommended what is called prenatal pension, the truth for me that was something I did not know, and when presenting it in less than fifteen days they set us a hearing date and I left with a Pension perhaps not what he wanted but a help which was always present by the state but which due to ignorance he would never have chosen to take into account. We live in a world where I believe we should document ourselves with the professionals of each specific area in order to help us survive and that is what I experienced with the representation of Royo Abogados

Hello, I am Anayansi F. and this time I want to talk a little about my experience with the representation of Royo Abogados. I am honest with you, I was very skeptical for many years in relation to hiring lawyers, I have always considered myself someone well spoken, so it was not difficult for me to defend myself, however, consulting is definitely important because I was able to realize the advantage of counting with a legal counsel before taking any action, at the end of the day my query was merely investment, without ever having taken into account that a legal consultant can greatly facilitate and save the costs and expenses that one is willing to do without Some advice always considering that those who should advise for investment are the accountants or the administrators because I told them that my investment was on a property and when evaluating the details with the team of Royo Abogados I was able to realize that since the creation of a company to safeguard the assets until the formation of a company depend on a sustainable administrative structure lo c What depends on whether it can be used in copyright matters and not in international matters such as buying and exporting, I am honest to you I never believed everything I would learn from consulting commercial litigation lawyers. Today I have a humble company that exports goods and logistics and I owe it to him thanks to the permanent advice of the Royo Abogados work team.

Hello, we are Pedro and Nataly M. You know we were always very afraid of losing our family members, however that was inevitable, it was impossible to limit Mother Nature, because we all share a destiny, what we were never prepared for was for siblings on behalf of my wife they would like to fight the assets of her deceased mother, the point is that it was difficult for me to see her worried and sad for a few nights without being able to count on support, so I took the initiative to contact a law firm in the directory and thus This was how this journey of locating legal representation began and it was not until the fifth consultation that we found an answer to all our questions at Royo Abogados and it was there that they suggested the legal nature of intestate successions, having understood after the interview how formal and productive that this civil consideration was, we understood that this would be the way to go to limit this dispute of the relatives of my esp dare once and for all. Thank God for that responsible way of developing their services, the lawyers of that firm because that was the solution to our uncertainties.

Hello, I am Luz Amparo N. Well, I can express to you, my life I have always been considered as an entrepreneur and a fighter but they took advantage of my nobility, I hired a work team that I thought were professionally dedicated to the construction and remodeling of interiors and the truth I got carried away by uniforms and formality, the thing was that I gave them several financial advances and then I realized that they could not with what they sold as services, it was a disaster, it was such a deteriorating experience that I had to turn to consultants Royo Lawyers legal not precisely because I was seeking to recover my expenses, but because the very scoundrels above that they did not know the work I paid them to do, the very trusting and profiteers sued me for the breach of the rest of the money, yes, like that same; The rest that I owed them in the contract because according to them nothing in the established contract that they should know what they were doing, this circumstance is so ironic but I am not sorry to tell the truth that when the team of lawyers from Royo Abogados came to my defense Everything was resolved, it was not easy, I came to doubt the lawyers because of the time that had elapsed, but the experience was enough to understand that it was not the lawyers' fault, but rather the exhausting system. A long year of civil complications passed but Thank God everything worked out in my favor, I am not lying to you, I did not believe that someone was so deluded to demand a right as his own but that is the right to benefit the one who starts the contest, luckily not It happened to adults and I had a representation of knowledgeable lawyers on the matter and I thank the team of Royo Abogados.

Hello, I am Paco Antonio A. and I am a mechanical engineer and I have an auto mechanic company, the point is that a client uncomfortable with the way in which according to the vehicle was repaired decided to demand his property without canceling having already repaired his vehicle, the thing is that with this client there were already fifty that with this type of uncertainty over the years they would have bothered me with their unfair and unfair way of proceeding, asserting that since it was their property they could demand it and the truth demand payment by consulting with other professionals I realized that it would be tedious and uncomfortable for that reason I never started a legal battle with any of them but this time it was too much I was so uncomfortable that I was to call the police the question is that I relax and consult with my lawyers but they told me that no They were of that specialty but that they would recommend me to a specialist in that type of conciliations or issues, the thing is that this is how I met Royo Abogados, he s I exposed my problem and they contacted the client and explained our parameters for the withdrawal of their vehicle and the truth is I never believed that it could be solved because four or five days after the call from the lawyers, the client went to the office and canceled the services provided in your vehicle and everyone happy. What most surprised and interested me from the professionals who attended my case was the simple and diplomatic way to resolve my situation and they left me bases for the future to be able to resolve the conciliation by my own means, leaving an alternative for future consultation. The truth is that when you listen to Lawyers you are synonymous with excessive payments and costs but once I experienced this work I realized that it could perhaps have been done much earlier but my skepticism was what conditioned my results.

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