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Criminal Law Processes

Our participation in criminal proceedings

The Criminal initiative is the one that the Public Ministry on behalf of the citizens persecute those who have committed an alleged crime typified in the Panamanian Criminal Regulation following the procedures of the inquisitorial system for the crimes incurred before each specific entry into force depending on the province , since said formality is required to comply with the procedural legal support.

The lawyer in this type of special processes plays a crucial role since his development depending on what defense he carries out, if the plaintiff or technical defense of the syndicate will have it depending on the moment in which he enters his power of special representation and he seeks from the plaintiff can safeguard a right or protect one that has been injured by seeking that the conduct described in the criminal type and the anti-legal and guilty action is condemned by a formalistic system of legal administration. However, this will largely depend on the type of representation that is carried out, as well as the legal strategies and recommendations that the legal specialist outlines because even when the client or sponsored intends an exercise or an action that he as a person considers It is convenient for you is the legal specialist who can issue a professional criterion in search of the best coming from the client, for this reason our law firm not only makes a thorough analysis of the process itself but also in search of the best benefit of the client is in the latter case, accused or complainant.

In the Complaint processes, our work team always maintains the perspective of a better future and conciliatory measures since we consider that the less administrative complication there is, if it can be resolved in a peaceful and diplomatic way, it is our first option.


We maintain a procedural harmony between the client and the process as a work profile in such a way that both go hand in hand in the periodic monitoring of the status and management of their process, considering that the procedural line of life from the beginning of our participation as representatives leads a corresponding legal procedure, however the client has all the right to know the status and progress of the process so that they can fully understand their type of legal and procedural circumstances.

There is a criminal reality in our country that we cannot ignore, which is the high procedural delay that exists between the body in charge of the investigation and the one in charge of the processing and trial, however we try at all costs to be able to find alternative methods that can resolve the process in the best possible way, specifically in cases where we maintain the defense of the accused, understanding that there is a great difference in maintaining a process with different precautionary measures to preventive detention, however it is up to the Public Ministry to make the corresponding decisions in order to maintain direct attachments to the processes.

Our cover letter is the responsible way in which we have projected ourselves as a work team in our country, trying to be as direct as possible with the information and the clients, thus avoiding misunderstandings and being able to be accurate when choosing a procedural alternative.

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