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Labor Law Processes

Labor processes

Labor processes in Panama are followed by a procedure that on many occasions is somewhat lengthy, which makes waiting uncomfortable for the client since non-compliance largely forces users to reach a mutual agreement between the parties. Royo Abogados tries to reach agreements that do not harm the client in time or wear and tear, taking the conciliation formality by the hand, however if there is no other option, a real and timely analysis of wear and tear is made. wait and the client is the one who has the last word and decision to initiate a non-compliance claim process.

There are many procedural actions that support the pregnant woman as well as the employee who has traveled a peremptory time in the company, it is necessary to be able to make it clear that in the world of work the most convenient thing is what the client decides regarding the time of availability and Wait because we could ensure payment with a sustainable process, however it may happen that it is not the client's situation and he is not willing to wait or judicial commitment.

We strive as a responsible company to safeguard the right of the employer if it is the required defense as well as the employee if we are in that special condition, with a highly experienced team in the procedure and labor monitoring.

Engaging a legal battle over breaches is the exclusive task of legal professionals and our offices have highly experienced, national-level advice tailored to your personal needs.

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