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Editorial Royo Abogados

With a vision of the Vanguard, we at Royo Abogados, since we have published more than twelve Literary works, we concentrate on creating an editorial section where we invite everyone who is enthusiastic about writing a book and its different categories to our induction seminar. of the work, understanding that this inductive seminar has an individual cost of $2,500.00 and that it has twenty hours of induction and mechanisms as well as virtual writing, which is provided to the participants to be able to count on didactic and functional tools in the preparation, creation and development of the literary work of your selection, giving very professional considerations of how a literary work should be prepared and as well as the relationship between the content and the title and the expression of the work itself. any information contact us at our offices at 445-8978 or cell phonewhatsapp 6852-8649 Lic. Dania Montero Coordinator of the academic section of Royo Abogados.

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