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Processes of Criminal Procedural Law / SPA

The Accusatory Penal System / SPA

From the beginning of this procedural category on our Panamanian Penal system, formality models were established for the investigation and prosecution of those individuals who committed illicit acts after the period that said system began, seeking more secrecy in the criminal procedure, legality and formality as well as avoiding the damage that was always maintained in the inquisitorial system, which was the overcrowding of prisons and the detrimental population that was increasing in lack of control, improving issues such as uncontrolled measures that were taken in the Public Ministry previously.

The truth is that with the accusatory Criminal System a much faster and more flexible formality of processing is perceived as the determination of precautionary measures has also been largely closed to the Public Prosecutor's Office, which makes a greater increase felt in individual liberties.


Additionally, the new Accusatory Penal System brings with it a greater formality and participation of the Judge at the time of completing the different hearings, thus allowing a concurrence between the interested parties, the public and the relatives or relatives of both the victims and the alleged implicated in fact, greatly limiting the margin of error in the classification of criminal types and processes.

Our work team with this system, before determining the representation, makes a substantive evaluation knowing that there are largely possibilities to resolve and agree in favor of the union when it comes to technical defense and at the same time when it is processed in the form of a Complaint. to be able to take the sponsored person by the hand with the procedure in form and depth, allowing him to know all the events of his particular process.

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